Course curriculum

    1. What You'll Need

    1. Planning your Warp

    2. Warp & Prep your Loom

    3. Direct Warping

    4. Planning Weft

    1. Clasped Weft Video Tutorial

    2. Clasped Weft Instructions

    1. Loops Video Tutorial

    2. Loops Instructions

    1. Warp Floats Video Tutorial

    2. Warp Floats Instructions

    1. Embroidery Video Tutorial

    2. Embroidery Instructions

About this course

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What You'll Make

Learn 5 fun, texture-rich weaving techniques in this sampler. Finish the sampler as an accent pillow for your home!
A handwoven pillow on the right with 5 techniques for rigid heddle weaving. There are books on the left. This pillow is designed for success of rigid heddle weavers.

Flip the Folding Loom

We're using our best selling rigid heddle loom.

Flip the folding rigid heddle loom.