What You'll Learn

  • Warping Two Heddles

    We include details on the whole warping process from winding a warp chain to tying on.

  • Simple Two Heddle Patterns

    We start with the basics! Learn to weave plain weave with two heddles and how to use your pick-up stick to create new patterns.

  • Advanced Patterns

    Create intermediate to advanced patterns with a heddle bar and heddles. This system saves your patterns and increases your pattern options.

Course Curriculum Preview

    1. Why Two Heddles?

    1. Make a Sampler Scarf

    2. Details

    3. Yarn

    4. Equipment

    5. Getting Started

    6. Weaving Plan

    7. Finishing

    1. Indirect vs. Direct Warping

    2. Winding a Warp Chain

    3. Threading Two Heddles

    4. Threading Heddle I

    5. Threading Heddle II

    6. Tying onto the Back

    7. Beaming the Warp

    8. Tying onto the Front

    1. Manipulating Two Heddles

    2. Spreading the Warp

    3. Hemstitching

    1. Easy Fixes

    1. Plain Weave

    2. 3/1 Modified Basket Weave (with Heddle 1)

    3. 3/1 Modified Basket Weave (with Heddle 2)

    4. Warp and Weft Texture

    5. Zigzag

About this course

  • $39.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What You'll Make

Sampler Scarf

While you learn to weave with two heddles, you'll make this fun sampler scarf!
rigid heddle loom handwoven scarf using two heddles and exploring several different patterns.


I'm about halfway through weaving the scarf. Excellent course. The content is broken up into short segments, very effective. I can keep my tablet next to my loom and review any segment as needed. I also picked up a few basic weaving tips to improve my overall weaving. Nice to see Jane Patrick bring part of her book to life.


Thanks a lot for this excellent class, it was so much fun and I really understood weaving with two heddles now. Looking forward to the next class coming up soon!


This class was very accessible and I learned a lot of basics that I missed as a largely self-taught weaver. It's helping me visualize the relationship between the warp threads and the heddles' placement.


Materials & Equipment

Prepare for the class by gathering your materials.

  • Our Sampler Scarf Yarn Kit (or similar yarn to Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport (1.5 oz/184 yards) Warp: Bougainvillea, Orange You Glad, Deep Sea, and Amethyst, 54 yards of each color. Weft: Blue Marina, 180 yards; accent stripes from warp colors, about 10 yards of each color)

  • Flip rigid heddle loom with two 5-dent heddles—Jane weaves an 8" wide project on a 15" Flip

  • heddle hook (included with loom)

  • 4-1/2 yard warping board

  • tapestry needle

  • two 12" stick shuttles—if your Flip came with longer shuttles, get this size (just slightly wider than the project)

  • two 20" Schacht Beefy pick-up sticks

  • heddle rod: Jane uses the third apron bar that's included with the Flip; you can substitute a 3/16" dowel, at least 10" long

  • heddles: use our 8-5/8" Texsolv heddles or make your own string heddles

Flip the Folding Loom

The rigid heddle loom we're using for this course.

Flip the folding rigid heddle loom


Jane Patrick

Weaving has been Jane Patrick’s passion and profession for nearly 50 years. She first learned to weave while an exchange student in Iceland and knew then that weaving would be a part of her life. After moving to Boulder in 1976, she decided that she wanted to make her livelihood through weaving. Jane was an editor at Interweave Press, where she edited books as well as Handwoven magazine. After leaving Interweave, Jane joined her husband Barry Schacht at Schacht Spindle Company as Creative Director. Jane is the author of The Weaver’s Idea Book, as well as 2 other books on rigid heddle weaving. She is enthusiastic about the power of the simple rigid heddle loom and its ability to get new weavers feeling confident quickly.