Course curriculum

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    • What You'll Need

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    Prep & Set-up

    • Fiber Prep and Wheel Set-up Video Tutorial

    • Fiber Prep & Wheel Set-up Instructions

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    Drafting & Adjusting

    • Drafting and Adjusting the Wheel Video Tutorial

    • Drafting and Adjusting the Wheel Instructions

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    • Finishing, Felting, and Fuzzing Video Tutorial

    • Finishing, Felting and Fuzzing Insturctions

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What You'll Need

Check the materials list!

  • Your spinning wheel! We're using the Limited Edition Cherry Ladybug

  • 4 oz fiber braid. We're using a 50/50 silk merino blend from Lisa Souza Dyeworks. You can use any short- to medium-length fiber in any prep you prefer. Carded preps may be preferable if you're new to long draw.