What You'll Learn

Are you a floor loom weaver ready to begin exploring new worlds of patterning? We will walk you through the steps of warping, weaving, and finishing a colorful over-the-shoulder bag that is perfect for carrying yarn or weaving books on the go. You'll learn how to read and weave a pattern, which will open a world of endless possibilities. You'll also learn about taking handwoven fabric and turning it into a functional piece.
Woman wearing a light blue dress with a handwoven bag woven on a floor loom. Intricate box pattern using a plain weave base and a pattern weft. The pattern weft is a cobalt color with the background as a natural colored base. This uses beam Gist yarn and duet Gist yarn. The strap of the bag is also handwoven in cobalt using a Schacht 4 shaft floor loom. Throughout the course, pattern weaving is discussed with instructions on making the bag.

Gist Yarn

We are using beautiful yarn from Gist Yarn for this course! You can select your own colors, or use our recommended colorways to make your own unique bag!


I truly enjoyed learning from this mini course and am glad to know that it will be available for reference in the future! Thank you so much!


Well done for advanced beginner weavers, with some prior experience.


Thoroughly enjoyed this course.


I would love to see more classes. Thank you.



  • 4+ shaft loom with at least a 15" weaving width—I am using a Wolf Pup 8.10

  • 12 dent reed

  • 2 boat shuttles and bobbins

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle and or sewing machine

  • Pins


Sienna Bosch

Sienna grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in a family of craftspeople; her father is a woodturner. Sienna learned to weave while working towards her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Colorado State University. She went into school thinking that she would study sculpture, but after one project on the loom, she discovered a passion for weaving. Alongside fiber art, Sienna studied art education. She was a summer intern for Schacht Spindle Company during the summer of 2019. She warped and wove on many looms in preparation for the Schacht's 50th Anniversary. Now, Sienna is back at Schacht as the Content Developer and Education Specialist.