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There's nothing wrong with "default spinning," where your hands and feet know what to do, and you make a yarn almost without thinking about it. But when you want to expand beyond your default yarn, this series will help. You can vary the diameter, twist, and texture of the yarn by adjusting your wheel, your fiber preps, and your drafting style. Just a few tips and tricks will broaden the range of yarns you can make—it's like reinventing your wheel! We ran this SAL as one of several activities for Spinning and Weaving Week in October, 2020.

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Throughout the course, Stephanie uses the Matchless spinning wheel. Learn tips and tricks on the Matchless that can be applied to any wheel.
Matchless spinning wheel, with a wooden drive wheel.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What You'll Need

    1. Your Default Yarn

    2. Default Yarn video

    1. Tension

    2. Tension video

    1. Ratios

    2. Ratios video

    1. Fiber Prep

    2. Fiber Prep video

    1. Drafting

    2. Drafting video

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Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Stephanie has a degree in Retail Merchandising from Rochester Community and Technical College, and a degree in Accessory Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a Schacht girl through and through. Name a Schacht product, and chances are she spins or weaves on it! Stephanie has recently returned to Schacht (after a few years away) as a Sales Specialist.