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Discover the beauty of warp-faced fabric. In our Inkle weaving course, you’ll learn everything from warping the loom to developing your own designs. We’ll get started with warping, then weaving plain weave, and finally we’ll jump into pick-up patterns. You’ll even get to design your own pick-up patterns. You’ll end up with a set of keychains that will make great gifts or can be added to your handwoven collection.

Accessing the Course

This course is a self-paced online course. You'll be able to work through it whenever is convenient for you. There are videos, written instructions, and diagrams to guide you through every step of the process. There are discussion pages for your questions, and you can always email us at
diagram of warping an inkle loom

What You'll Learn

  • Warping & Weaving

    Learn to warp an inkle loom with Texsolv or string heddles. Practice warping with several colors and weave a versatile plain weave keychain.

  • Pick-up Patterns

    Explore the possibilities of pick-up patterns in inkle weaving. Try some patterns we designed, then learn to create your own designs.

  • Designing & Finishing

    After you create a set of keychains, take your weaving to the next level by designing your own inkle patterns.


Complete set of skills to be successful on my first Inkle and to play on my way to develop further. Well structured in that each small chunk builds on the previous. Best practices are gently reinforced w/repetition.


The course was great! Sienna Bosch was very clear in both the instructions and demonstrations. My first Schacht course and my first Inkle weaving. I used to do finger weaving and my takeaway is the Inkle weaving is fun, less time consuming and easier then Fingerweaving. I do love them both. his was a lesson in Inkle weaving made easy.


Clarity of spoken, visual instructions, with written and well illustrated instructions available, too.


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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Inkle Weaving

    1. Loom & Weaving Terminology

    2. The Project

    3. Reading an Inkle Pattern Draft

    1. Warping the Loom

    1. Winding a Belt Shuttle

    2. Weaving a Header

    3. Advancing the Warp

    4. Plain Weave Keychain

    5. Warp Pick-up: Purple Boxes

    6. Warp Pick-up: White Boxes

    7. Warp Pick-up: Diamond

    8. Warp Pick-up: Purple & White Boxes

    9. Developing Your Own Patterns

    1. Finishing

    1. Next Steps

    2. Resources

    3. Feedback

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • Inkle loom (Schacht loom comes with a belt shuttle)

  • Belt shuttle

  • 3 colors (60 yds each) of 5/2 perle cotton

  • Keychain hooks

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry needle

  • Sewing needle and sewing thread


Sienna Bosch

Sienna grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in a family of craftspeople; her father is a woodturner. Sienna learned to weave while working towards her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Colorado State University. She went into school thinking that she would study sculpture, but after one project on the loom, she discovered a passion for weaving. Alongside fiber art, Sienna studied art education. She was a summer intern for Schacht Spindle Company during the summer of 2019. She warped and wove on many looms in preparation for the Schacht's 50th Anniversary. Now, Sienna is back at Schacht as the Content Developer and Education Specialist.