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This course covers everything you need to know to set up your own indigo vat at home, using the Indigo Dyeing Kit from Viola Textile Studio. You will learn how to mix and maintain your vat, and dye the Merino wool skeins included in your kit in a gradation from light to dark blue. You will also learn how to take all the beautiful dyed yarn, and turn it into a Moonlight Waves Scarf woven on the Cricket Loom.
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“It is fun to dye and weave with indigo.”


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Indigo Dyeing

    • What is Indigo?

    • What You'll Need

  • 2

    Dyeing the Yarn

    • Preparing Yarn for Dyeing

    • Preparing Your Indigo Vat

    • Dyeing With Indigo

    • Rinsing & Finishing

    • Maintaining the Indigo Vat

  • 3

    Moonlight Waves Scarf

    • The Project

    • Warping the Loom

    • Weaving & Finishing

    • Hemstitching

    • Survey

What Comes With the Kit

In your kit, you will receive 4 skeins of USA raised Merino wool yarn. Each skein has 100 yards of yarn. This project is a great first project with real indigo. Your indigo powder will contain natural indigo, pickling lime, and fructose. Alongside your yarn and indigo, you will get a dye vat bucket, a dust mask, a pair of gloves, and a mixing stick.


Kelsey Wiskirchen

Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen is a studio artist and educator living in North Carolina. She is a lover of all things textiles, but especially weaving, embroidery, quilting, and natural dyeing. With a BFA and an MFA in Fiber Art, Kelsey has taught textiles at every age level, from K-12, to university and adult continuing education, with a heavy emphasis in community outreach. Kelsey operates Viola Textile Studio, which provides community education in textiles, focusing on sustainable textile processes and creating resources for Art Educators. (You can learn more about Viola Textile Studio at

Stephanie Flynn-Sokolov

Stephanie has a degree in Retail Merchandising from Rochester Community and Technical College, and a degree in Accessory Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a Schacht girl through and through. Name a Schacht product, and chances are she spins or weaves on it! Stephanie has recently returned to Schacht after a few years away as a Sales Specialist.