This is an in-person course—please purchase only if you plan to attend at the Schacht Spindle Company factory on September 24th, 2022.

Course Information

  • Date: September 24th, 2022 9am-4pm

  • Location: Schacht Spindle Company, 6101 Ben Pl, Boulder, CO 80301

  • Cost: $225 (includes yarn, dyes, and lunch)

Join us!

Learn to dye yarn for your weavings! With hand-dyed yarn, you have full control over your colors. Dye solid colors or add some variation to create colors with one-of-a-kind depth. We'll use natural and fiber reactive dyes to explore some of the possibilities. You'll take home a number of cellulose and protein fiber skeins, dyed with different colors and techniques.

What You'll Need

We recommend that you bring a few of your own items.

  • Apron that will get dye on it

  • Dyeing gloves (kitchen gloves with as much length as possible)

  • Clothes that you don't mind getting a splash of color on

Testimonials from Previous In-Person Courses

“Helpful, knowledgeable instructors who were willing to do extra to help the participants.”


“Very comfortable atmosphere for beginners”


“Just a big thanks. All was great in my opinion. ”



Sienna Bosch

Sienna grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in a family of craftspeople; her father is a woodturner. Sienna learned to weave while working towards her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Colorado State University. She went into school thinking that she would study sculpture, but after one project on the loom, she discovered a passion for weaving. She has explored a variety of weaving techniques, but is currently drawn to warp-faced weaving. Alongside fiber art, Sienna studied art education. She was a summer intern for Schacht Spindle Company during the summer of 2019. She warped and wove on many looms in preparation for the Schacht's 50th Anniversary. Now, Sienna is back at Schacht as the Textile School Coordinator.