What You'll Learn

  • Dyeing

    We walk you through the step-by-step process of dyeing your own yarn in five different colors.

  • Weaving

    We will teach you several weaving techniques using your Easel Weaver. We will show you the basics and beyond.

  • Finishing

    We will teach you the steps to finish your weavings so you can use them for many years to come.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Ready for the Projects

    • What You'll Need

  • 2

    Dyeing your yarn

    • Safety

    • Dyeing with the Dye Kit

    • Winding Yarn Balls

  • 3

    Friendship Bracelets

    • Weaving Terms

    • Warping for Friendship Bracelets

    • Winding a Weft “Butterfly”

    • Weaving the Simple Bracelet

    • Weaving the Square Knot Bracelet (Intermediate)

    • Weaving the Eyelet Bracelet (Advanced)

  • 4

    Mini Rug

    • Warping the Mini Rug

    • Weaving the Mini Rug

    • Finishing the Mini Rug

  • 5

    Thank you

    • Come Back Soon!

    • Feedback

What You'll Make

We will start by making several kinds of friendship bracelets for you and your friends. We will also create a mini rug with endless possibilities.

What Comes With the Kit

Your Art and Ewe dye kit will include 5 skeins of yarn, 5 packets of dye, alongside the dyeing instructions. Note: you will need an Easel Weaver to make the projects in the course. The Easel Weaver and weaving accessors are NOT included in this kit.

Supplies From Home

You will need a few extra supplies from home to get started.

  • 5 bowls

  • A measuring cup

  • A pan, kettle, or electric tea kettle to boil water

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Spatula or chopstick


Sienna Bosch

Sienna grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in a family of craftspeople; her father is a woodturner. Sienna learned to weave while working towards her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Colorado State University. She went into school thinking that she would study sculpture, but after one project on the loom, she discovered a passion for weaving. She has explored a variety of weaving techniques, but is currently drawn to warp-faced weaving. Alongside fiber art, Sienna studied art education. She was a summer intern for Schacht Spindle Company during the summer of 2019. She warped and wove on many looms in preparation for the Schacht's 50th Anniversary. Now, Sienna is back at Schacht as the Textile School Coordinator.

Laney Engle

As Schacht's Resident Tapestry Weaver, Laney Engle loved all things weaving, especially weft-faced designs. Laney grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma and moved to Botetourt County, Virginia in 2014. She received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2020. She began weaving as soon as she could hold a potholder loom, moving to frame loom tapestry weaving and then floor loom weaving in 2016.