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Are you ready to begin exploring rigid heddle weaving? Learn to warp and weave on a rigid heddle loom, and make a set of coasters! We'll teach techniques including plain weave, weft stripes, clasped weft, inlay, and rya knots. You’ll learn to secure your weft with hemstitching and work several different edge finishes on your coasters. They will make the perfect gift or be a great addition to your home!
Cricket rigid heddle loom.

Is This the Right Course for You?

This course is ideal for a new rigid heddle weaver who is ready to get their Cricket out of the box and begin weaving! Even the yarn and tools come with your Cricket loom. All rigid heddle weavers are welcome to join the course, however, the assembly lesson is specific to the Cricket loom, and you will need to provide the yarn to complete the course (more information below).
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What You'll Learn

  • Assembly and Warping

    Have a brand new Cricket Loom? Learn everything you need to know, from assembling the cricket. We will warp your loom using the direct warping method.

  • 5 Weaving Techniques

    Make a set of coasters that will introduce you to several weaving techniques! You will learn plain weave, weft stripes, clasped weft, inlay, and rya knots.

  • 4 Edge Finishes

    Learn to finish your weavings. We'll start with hemstitching on each of your coasters to secure the weft. Then we'll practice several techniques for the fringe.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving

    1. Assembling the Cricket Loom

    1. Loom and Weaving Terminology

    1. Equipment

    2. Weaving Plan

    1. Threading the Slots

    2. Beaming the Warp

    3. Moving Threads to Holes

    4. Tying onto the Apron Bar

    5. Troubleshooting Warping Errors

    1. Weaving a Header

    2. Plain Weave

    3. Troubleshooting Weaving Errors

    4. Hemstitching

    5. Advancing the Warp

    6. Creating Your Own Weaving Plan

    7. Weft Stripes

    8. Clasped Weft

    9. Inlay

    10. Rya Knots

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What You'll Need

  • rigid heddle loom (we are using a 15" Cricket)

  • 8 dent rigid heddle reed

  • warping peg and clamp

  • heddle hook

  • 2 stick shuttles

  • purple and blue yarn (Brown Sheep Company Nature Spun Worsted (100% wool, 245 yards/100 grams, worsted weight) in Boysenberry (30 yards needed) and Fanciful Blue (100 yards needed)

  • heavy paper for warp separators

  • scissors

  • cloth tape measure

  • tapestry needle


Sienna Bosch

Sienna grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in a family of craftspeople; her father is a woodturner. Sienna learned to weave while working towards her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Colorado State University. She went into school thinking that she would study sculpture, but after one project on the loom, she discovered a passion for weaving. She has explored a variety of weaving techniques, but is currently drawn to warp-faced weaving. Alongside fiber art, Sienna studied art education. She was a summer intern for Schacht Spindle Company during the summer of 2019. She warped and wove on many looms in preparation for the Schacht's 50th Anniversary. Now, Sienna is back at Schacht as the Textile School Coordinator.